Secure & Fast Remote Desktop Support Software

Microsoft Windows Remote Support Desktop Software
Firewall friendly, No installation, No ports setup

Compatible with Windows XP SP3, 7, 8, 10, 2012 x86 & x64 ver. Last ver. Mar, 23 2017 (10Mb)

HTTP Compliant communication & Proxy compatible
Support application is secured and digitaly signed with microsoft authenticode code signing
Available in English, Spanish and Serbian.

Last news / Public RoadMap
Nov, 1 2016 - Now developing Chat & File Transfer
Dec, 1 2016 - Planned developing a Mac OSx compatible version
Feb, 15 2017 - Beta Mac OSx client/viewer version (on demand)
Mar, 23 2017 - New Windows version update, 2x desktop remote speed (chat, file transfer, Remote Desktop, Unattended access)

Questions / Sales

SaaS & On premise Server Gateway Versions Available // Remote Desktop Server
Compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac

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